It is hard to believe that we have been at war for almost 2 decades. Which makes it more understandable that there are currently over 20 million veterans in the U.S. Many of those vets are struggling with the transition back to civilian life. And many are also struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) It is a condition that can leave vets feeling hopeless. One way that you can help is to simply let the vets know that you support them and are proud of their service. And I don't mean going up to each and every vet and shaking their hands. Showing your support for veterans can be as simple as changing a light bulb.

The Greenlight a Vet campaign was launched last fall in honor of Veterans day. It is simple. In the past people would tie the yellow ribbon on the tree, or throw on a bumper sticker on their Buick. But with so many vets, many living in your own neighborhood, simply changing a visible light to a green bulb can let a vet know you support them.

As someone who grew up with both a Vietnam vet for a father, and a Gulf War vet for a brother. I have seen first hand their struggle with PTSD. That is why I am writing this to encourage you to show your support for our vets year round, by simply changing a light bulb and Greenlight a Vet.

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