What does our great state have more of per capita than any other? Estately, as you may be familiar by now, likes to dig into a bunch of statistics and data to find out information about our state (and the other 49, slightly less great ones).

Montana has more poorly paid first-year teachers!

Really, this isn't something to be proud of... this is what they said about Montana:

Teaching is a famously underpaid profession, but Montana really comes up short when it comes to starting salaries for teachers. First-year teachers in Montana make just $27,214, which is considerably less than neighboring Wyoming—$43,269. Montana also is home to the nation’s worst drivers, but it has to share the title with South Carolina. What it doesn’t share with South Carolina is its obesity ranking. Montana is the least obese state in the country.

Photo map from http://blog.estately.com
Photo map from http://blog.estately.com

Well, at least our obesity rates are the lowest in the country. That's something!


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