The numbers recorded at the Darby check station of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are higher than previous years at this point of the hunting season, which ends Sunday, December 1. So far, over 2,928 hunters have checked through the roadside station and successful hunters brought through 135 elk, 30 mule deer and 52 white-tailed deer. In the Region 2 three stations at Darby, Anaconda and Bonner, there were 7,234 hunters with 194 elk, 68 mule deer and 309 white-tailed deer, most of the white-tailed deer from the Bonner check station.

Montana FWP officials say the results from the check stations help monitor trends and information about wildlife age and health and area conditions. Hunters must stop at any check station they encounter, even if their hunt was unsuccessful. Montana FWP does a more complete survey of hunters at the beginning of the new year.

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