When you think of reduced capacity requirements and practicing social distancing - the first thing that pops into your head as far as being able to hold a successful event might not be the fair. But,the Western Montana Fair is sticking to their earlier announced plans of actually holding the fair in August despite most large events being forced to postpone or cancel. Not a lot of details were known when the fair made that announcement early last month. Now, the picture is starting to get a little clearer when it comes to what we might see at a seriously different looking Western Montana Fair this year.

Do you love the carnival, the bingo, and the food concessions that come along with the fair? Sure, we all do. The bad news is those events, as well as motorsports, will be absent this year. Those details came from the plans that fair organizers presented to the Missoula Board of County Commissioners. As for what the fair is hoping to have when the scheduled dates of August 5-9 roll around.........a televised rodeo, virtual exhibits, and livestock events. The Missoula City-County Health Department would need to approve the fair's plans in order for things to proceed.

Some of the major changes proposed for the Western Montana Fair:

*televised rodeo
*virutal exhibits
*4-H & FFA
*livestock for show and sale

*open class livestock events
*public not allowed to attend 4-H and FFA livestock events

This article from The Missoulian provides a deeper look at how attendance for the rodeo would be handled, how exhibits would be judged, and how various 4-H and FFA events would operate.

We'll get an answer soon enough as to whether the Western Montana Fair will be able to proceed with the plans they have for this year's fair. But, is it really a fair if you can't stuff yourself full of sugar from cotton candy and elephant ears, chow down on various fried foods, and spent $15 to win a random prize that cost $1.99 in the store?


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