When I make a donation I like to know that what I gave away is going to help make someone's life better. But when I drop off a household item at the thrift store I don't know what happens to it once I walk away. I like to think it makes it into the hands of somebody that really needs it and gives it the second life it deserves. Or, maybe it ends up in the dumpster out back  - who knows.

You don't have to wonder if your donated items are making someone happy when it comes to this - because your donations are being turned into a delicious cider. It's that time of the year again - Western Cider is ready to take your apple donations to produce their community hard cider.

As a bonus, when you give apples that get turned into cider, in the end it equals a donation to the Great Bear Foundation - an organization that works to remove apples and other fruits from neighborhoods so bears aren't enticed to visit the areas. Ten percent of sales from the eventual cider is given back to the Great Bear Foundation to help support their efforts.

Apples for donation can have worms but not be rotten or bruised. The apples will begin to be pressed in October. If you're sitting on a supply of apples - you're also sitting on a score. Every 40 pounds of apples will get you a five dollar gift certificate to Western Cider.

Visit Western Cider on their Facebook page for more.

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