My first indications should have been two cars in the parking lot and a U-Haul backed up to the service door.

Enjoying Sunday breakfast at a Missoula restaurant can be an adventure in gridlock unless you get an early jump on things. With fewer choices, gathering crowds by mid-morning can lead to waiting in line.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) went like this:

Get an oil change at 10:00 a.m. on North Reserve. Right after that enjoy breakfast at the restaurant across the street.

10:00 a.m. is when the reader board and website said their North Reserve location will open. It did not.

Call Brooks Street location. They ARE open. Even with virtually no waiting and prompt, courteous service, it is now 10:45 and breakfast is calling. Vehicle has a belly full of new oil. I'd like a belly full of omelet and pancakes.

Within rock-throwing distance of a couple of very popular locally-owned establishments. See Paragraph 2 about gathering crowds.

So, wait in line or give the well-known chain restaurant just a few blocks away a try? I chose the latter.

Gee, this parking lot seems quiet, especially compared to the eateries just down the street. And right in the heart of peak Sunday morning dining, as evidenced by the crowds at the other restaurants.

A walk to the front door revealed what was already pretty obvious. This place is not open. It was how emphatically expressed that was on the sign that had me taken aback: "Permanently Closed."

With black Sharpie to pale-orange construction paper, the handwritten message thanking the community of Missoula announced the closing of yet another Missoula restaurant.

Missoula's Denny's Restaurant, located at 2922 Brooks Street, is no more.

Understandably, no staff members were there to offer any explanation. We can all draw our own easy conclusions about it being a sign of the times with supply chain and labor shortage issues.

With catchy names for select popular menu items (who didn't love "Moons Over My Hammy?"), Denny's describes itself as, "the classic American diner and proud of everything that means, we've served quality food and healthy portions at a fair price since 1953."

Sorry to see them go and here's hoping all the newly-displaced employees will quickly land on their feet.

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