If you're looking for long lines - it seems like the Target parking lot on N. Reserve is the place to be. It's been pretty crazy to see the line of cars wrapped all the way around the new Panera building since they opened a few weeks ago. I've heard of people waiting in lines that were well over an hour for the drive-thru. I will say it was pretty fun the other week to roll into the parking lot, grab my curbside delivery, and be on my way before anybody in line even moved at all. Just this past weekend I finally saw that the craze has died and the lines weren't quite so long.

But even though the Panera line has faded away, it looks like you'll have to pack your patience if you want to get into Target - at least on the weekends leading up to Christmas.

We made a Target run on Sunday and were greeted with a line out the door as employees were only allowing people to enter the store after that same amount of customers had exited. They were making sure that there was plenty of room for social distancing with the increase of holiday shoppers.

Heads up......one of the employees said they expect it to probably be the same situation for the rest of the weekends leading up to Christmas as more people set out to conquer their holiday shopping. The good news is we weren't in line that long. It went pretty fast - and even faster if you had already placed an online order and were just there to pick it up. Employees would run inside and bring out the prepaid items to let customers avoid waiting in line any longer than needed. Plus, the employee handing out candy canes was a nice touch -  I was able to get my first peppermint fix of the season.

So let this serve as your warning. You might have to wait in line a bit if you're heading out to Target for some weekend shopping this month. You might want to stick to weekday shopping if you can - or preorder so you can avoid the weekend line.

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