There must be a bazillion (a reasonable estimate) different ways being promoted as the way to lose weight. Some of them look fairly realistic. Then I ran across this article in Fitbie; Weird Ways to Lose Weight.  I’m not convinced most of these would work, at least not for me.

By Jennifer Weaver writing for Fitbie

  • Diet Dinnerware

The website says you’ll “lose weight while you wait,” which is literally what happens. The fork-spoon combo is made with a lighting system that tells users when to eat and when to pause. The idea is that you’ll end up eating more slowly, which will lead you to take in less food.

  • Tape Worms

Simply put, this plan is disgusting. Followers ingest the parasite in pill form, and then it travels through the body eating, growing, and attaching itself to the intestine. Weight Loss Soap

Infused with seaweed, the soap promises to penetrate deep beneath the skin, breaking down fat to literally help you scrub your way slim.

  • Diet Sunglasses

The idea behind these blue-tinted specs is that food will look less appetizing—blue being associated with moldy or rotten food-- which will cause you to eat less.

  • Ear Stapling

This process works exactly like it sounds. Dieters place surgical staples in the inner cartilage of their ear and leave them in for several weeks. Based loosely on similar principles of ear acupuncture, it’s believed that the staples suppress appetite.

  • The Feeding Tube Diet

Feeding tubes are now a hot new dieting tool. Tubes are placed in the nose, ported to the stomach, then hooked up to a small pump that provides a continuous drip of protein-fat liquid.

You can read the full article here.

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