The Super Bowl isn't until Sunday.  But every day new ads are being released online.

**Insert old man voice while shaking fist HERE**  Well, back in my day you would watch the game and the commercials were just as important as the action between teams.  Now, there's no excitement because we can watch the ads for days before the game starts.  **End rant HERE**

Here are some of the ads that have been released already.

The Dude returns and Sarah Jessica Parker revives her role from Sex and the City for Stella Artois.

Pepsi's "Is Pepsi Okay?" ad with Steve Carell, Cardi B, and Lil Jon (:30 second and :60 second versions)

Zoe Kravitz in a commercial for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, their "organic" beer.

Chance the Rapper stars in Doritos' Super Bowl ad which also features the Backstreet Boys' song "I Want It That Way"

Coke's Super Bowl ad is animated, and draws inspiration from Andy Warhol. Coke isn't airing ads during the game this year.  It'll be on right before it.


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