Katie Couric's new daytime show, 'Katie,' starts today. Maybe if we get all of this out of our systems, she'll have a smooth run. Or maybe it will just be wacky zoom city all over the place. Either way, sounds entertaining to us. Hopefully there won't be as many swear words as there are in some of these bloopers we found. Although, again, either way sounds entertaining to us.

This one wouldn't be such a big deal, and Katie recovers quickly, but you can totally tell she knows that what she just said sounds dirty.

On air she's totally professional, but in between takes Katie Couric can curse like a sailor. (NSFW due to lots of Couric-swearing)

Thank goodness she didn't have to do this one live.

Those newfangled HD cameras really get up close, as evidenced by this clip of an over-enthusiastic CBS cameraman.

In case you were wondering what the mistake in this video is, it's her sweater. 1985 did not do anybody any favors.

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