I've never been up close to a moose in the wild before - not that I want to get THAT close - just from a safe distance to admire their size and strength. From the comfort of the car would probably be best. Now that I think of it, the closest I've been so far is getting a picture with Paxton from the PaddleHeads. Actually, we we're just having this conversation around my place last week. A friend stopped by and they were telling me about their trip to Glacier and how they saw a moose (also from a safe distance) and how cool it was. I might have to venture out on a road trip soon!

And if you really want to break it down into moose-related issues.....we have different friends staying at our house this week and we introduced them to the deliciousness of Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing. But the real reason for all my moose talk at the moment is this video of a moose getting removed from a parking garage.

It happened in Colorado, and the video starts with a moose getting startled after a wildlife official shoots it with a tranquilizer dart. That'll get your attention! After the big fella gets a little groggy you see a crew of people taking the moose out of the garage. I count no less than 10 people hauling it out to a transportation trailer that's waiting to take it back into the wild. Can you imagine casually strolling to your car and coming face to face with a moose? And it was on the second floor - not where you would expect to find such an animal! Crazy.

Have you ever had a run-in or confrontation with an animal before? I remember being young and feeding bread to the geese by a lake. One of them decided I wasn't dishing out the food fast enough and it tried to take it out of my hand. He bit my finger for what seemed like an insane amount of time.....although I'm sure it was only a couple seconds. Let us know if you have any crazy animal stories - we would love to share them on the radio!

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