It was crazy to think that during the early parts of October, MTV was wandering around Missoula county. They were here filming one of their hit reality tv shows "Floribama Shore."

What is Floribama Shore?

According to Wikipedia

Floribama Shore documents eight young adults who live together during the summer on the Gulf Coast in Panama City Beach, Florida. They are filmed partying, working, living in a new environment, and bonding.

Now that the show has made it to season 4, producers have decided to move the cast out of Panama City Beach, and relocate them to.....LOLO, MONTANA.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, MTV thought it would be a good move to quarantine the cast somewhere with "more wide open spaces." They chose Lolo as the place to lock these 8 party animals up and film what happens.

Episode 1 aired this past Thursday (2/25) and featured a recap of the past season, as well as how the cast has been during the pandemic. But, MTV has a surprise for the cast. They are moving to Montana.

According to MTV

when covid-19 upends their yearly beach vacation, the crew heads to montana, where unresolved issues between jeremiah and his roommates surface, and nilsa reveals surprising news.

Watch their reactions as they feel cold, see snow and are blown away from the mountains. And, my favorite, watching 2 of the cast members try to navigate Missoula traffic. It is like giving a bunch of toddlers beer and letting them loose in the backyard.

Click below to watch the entire first episode of "Floribama Shore" cleverly titled "Montanabama Shore."

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