Tis the season for holiday displays. We have been seeing some gorgeous displays all over town this year. Some displays are your typical holiday lights and maybe a lawn decoration, while others are elaborate displays with everything from a dancing Santa to lights synchronized with music. I always like to keep it simple. Just enough lights to illuminate the dark doom and gloom of a long winter night, but not enough lights to skyrocket the energy bill and waste an entire weekend installing, not to mention another weekend taking them down.

Inflatable lawn displays seem to be a big trend this holiday season, and I have seen some fun ones. I have seen Santa and Rudolph inflatables that appear to be twerking. I have seen Charlie Brown stuck in a giant inflatable snowglobe. I have also seen a 16 foot tall Grinch.

It appears that "bigger is better" is the trend for inflatables. Take the following video for example.

A festive inflatable holiday display in one homeowner's yard appears to be a buffet for a pair of hungry bears. And, I can't blame them. Imagine you are a bear and you are just about ready to settle in for your long winter's nap when you come across what appears to be the biggest deer you have ever seen. Not just big, but massive. You decide to make your move on some fresh venison and try to take it down, only to be disappointed to find out that this giant deer is just an inflatable reindeer.

It looks like this beer is going to bed on an empty stomach.


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