Do you hate shopping? Do you wait until Christmas Eve every year to buy last-minute gifts and then realize that most stores are closed? Don't panic! Calmly drive to your nearest truck stop and start shopping.

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Last minute shopping at a convenience store is probably not the ideal place to buy your loved one a cherished holiday gift, but guess what? You can actually find some really interesting and/or useful gift ideas at many of Montana's truck stops and gas stations. Nearly every large gas station has at least a minimal "gift" section. I've found that for best selection you're better off visiting an actual truck stop. Most of these trucker plazas have tons of gadgets, gifts and other goods that make decent gifts or stocking stuffers.

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For this story I visited two local truck stops, the T/A at the East Laurel 1-90 exit and the Pilot Town Pump in Lockwood. Both had a ton of things (most under $20) that you could wrap up as a satisfactory gift for just about anyone on your last-minute shopping list. Check out some of my finds below.

Best Truck Stop Gifts in Montana

Don't forget a bag of chips, a Snicker's and a fountain pop... all of that truck stop shopping will make you hungry.

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