There's a warning coming from the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office that scammers are attempting to get Northwestern Energy customers to make payments using prepaid Visa cards.

A story from NBC Montana says customers are receiving calls claiming payments need to be made on their accounts. If the scammers get a credit card number they'll claim the card has been declined. They'll next request the person purchases the Visa card to make the payment.

As always, be very careful about who you give sensitive information to over the phone. Scammers can be very convincing. If something doesn't feel right - hang up and call the company the person on the phone is claiming to represent. Most stories of phone scams include the request to purchase prepaid cards, gift cards, money orders or the need to send money.

I know the odds are slim but I'm still holding out hope. I fell there will one day be a person belonging to a family of royalty that will actually pass away and have no relatives to claim the inheritance. Somehow my name will present itself and the email I receive with all the grammatical errors will be prove to be just the break I need in life.

All kidding aside, be careful and follow your gut if you get a call that seems less than believable.

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