Here's a fun one to add to your kooky, quirky WalMart shopper collection.

AP tells us that in Wichita Falls, Texas, WalMart has banned a woman from patronizing their store, after she commandeered an electric shopping cart and drove around the parking lot for hours while drinking wine....wait for it....from a Pringles Potato Chip can.

We can only assume that customers and employees alike probably assumed that at first, maybe she was just having trouble finding her car, but after three hours, you get to thinking something isn't quite right. Either that, or she just couldn't be caught, eluding captors with the chase topping out at speeds of nearly 7 miles and hour.

Anyway, Wichita police say the woman was later tracked down at a nearby restaurant. No arrest was made. The cart was confiscated and she was instructed not to return to the store, which leaves the WalMart staff wondering, who the heck are they going to sell the rest of that Pringles wine to?


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