It all started - as so many things do these days - with a viral TikTok video.

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Most people have been to McDonald's more than a few times in their lives, but I'm guessing none of us knew that you could actually go through the drive-thru window and pick up a full sheetcake with Ronald McDonald on it.

That's because it's not on the actual menu, and is considered a "secret" item. So secret, in fact, that I'm guessing most McDonald's probably wouldn't have it.

Not every McDonald's carries the cake, and the ones that do generally have it for kid's birthday parties. But some locations actually do let you buy a cake for about nine dollars.

So of course, I tried to do some investigate journalism, and see if any McDonald's locations here in Missoula actually sold the cake.

And... I didn't get anywhere. I called up three locations and couldn't get through to any of them. I did leave a few messages, so hopefully we'll have an answer and find out whether our McDonald's stock the now-in-demand cake.

Of course, if any past or current McDonald's employees see this, feel free to just let us know firsthand whether they are secret cakes that we don't know about. You can always leave a comment on Facebook, or feel free to message us through our free app!

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