The assembly lines are rolling! Some helpful students are doing their part to try to make campus a safer place for their fellow students among others.

This week on the University of Montana campus, volunteers are assembling Healthy Griz Kits in the East Auxiliary Gym of the Adams Center. Socially distanced campus volunteers are assembling thousands of the kits through this Friday, August 7. Healthy Griz Kits contain personal protective equipment that will be distributed to all University students, staff and faculty for fall semester. Designed to combat COVID-19, each kit will contain two UM-branded face masks, a washable and reusable surface wipe and a bottle of surface disinfectant. The volunteer event includes music and snacks to add a little fun while UM  students AND staff assemble the kits.

As we reported last week, University of Montana students are volunteering for a new program, Griz Health, which will give them an opportunity to be part of the campus response to COVID-19. As participants in the program, students will be involved in symptom checks on campus, providing the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, potentially helping at Grizzly Athletic events and, if the need arises, supporting the Missoula City-County Public Health Department as it conducts surge-capacity contact-tracing on campus.

If you'd like more information on what all is happening, you can contact Communications Director Paula Short at 406-243-5806 or email

Happy assembling to all the volunteers!


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