It is an American pastime, and even an Australian pastime. We are talking about the fine art of cooking meat over an open flame, a.k.a. BARBECUE. And, with Memorial Day Weekend being the un-official kick off to summer, it is time to step up our barbecue game.

But, for one vegan, the smell of cooking flesh was too much to deal with. So she took her neighbors all the way to the Supreme Court.

According to 9 News Perth

A Perth vegan has taken her neighbors all the way to the Supreme Court, demanding they stop smoking, bouncing balls and even barbecuing in the backyard. Cilla Carden says she'll do anything for peace and quiet, but a judge says her neighbors haven't done anything wrong.


Since the court date, the "meat eating neighbors" have decided to throw a neighborhood BBQ to celebrate. But, after starting an event page for the cook out, things started getting a little out of hand.

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