It's been a shaky year for businesses around Missoula. We've been passing on news of closures that have popped up because of positive COVID-19 tests over the last few months. This week saw Veera Donuts close because of a staff member testing positive. The good news is they plan to open the doors again on Friday (11/13) and will use the day to start a week of raising funds for their Veera Staff Relief Fund.

Everybody wins in this situation. You're purchases are helping the cause......but you're also just buying delicious donuts to stuff your face with. See, no losers in that scenario.

While Veera is opening again, here comes news about another one of Missoula's favorite spots closing for the winter. The Caffe Dolce on Brooks Street has decided to shut down operations with plans to reopen in the spring. This move isn't forced by a positive COVID test, but is instead the decision of Caffe Dolce's owner Peter Lambros, as you can read in this KPAX article.

The story quotes Lambros as saying "I think there is a collective caution out there, given the data at the moment. Whether people are personally worried about getting covid or not, I sense a sense of community responsibility, that if we're all playing it a bit safer, we might leave some of those hospital beds free for someone who needs them, and I get that."

It's unfortunate that employees will be affected but they're not the first place in town to close for the winter. Caffe Dolce doesn't have a reopening date set for the spring, but they hope it will include patio seating earlier than normal. The final day of service before closing for the winter will be on Saturday (11/14.)

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