Oh the day of Love, the celebration of Saint Valentine, also known to some of us as Singles Awareness Day. So-what if your not getting showered with gifts, flowers or chocolate, here are some ideas for you and friends from seasoned veterans on what to do if your single on Valentines Day.

  • Photo courtesy of Nicholas Axelrod/Getty Images
    Photo courtesy of Nicholas Axelrod/Getty Images

    For All The Single Ladies

    Alright ladies, these are tip from some ladies on what to do this Valentines Day if your single.

    1. Being single with a child on Valentines Day

    It is not so uncommon now to have a child and be single. Kuddos to the single moms out there! So if you are single and have a child Shelly's advice is make it as big and fun as possible for you and your child. Make it all about your kid, from making fun crafts to a sweet story. She says "Don't ditch your kid with a babysitter....make your day of love about the one you love, your child"

    2. Enjoy the company of your girlfriends

    Of course the first thought on your mind when you are single is to get a bunch of your other single girlfriends together and go out right? Well yeah! Best idea is to surround yourself with people who truly love you and want to share in some fun with friends.

    Alex " A pizza and beer slumber party with How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days!"

    Rosie "The BB!....Beer and Bowling!" Getting a group of girlfriends together to throw balls as hard as they can at pins....not only getting out some frustration but also getting a chuckle.

    Debbie " Going out, picking up guys and making one of my married friends be our designated driver" Brilliant! Asking one of your happily married friends to baby sit you and your single friends on Valentines Day is perfect and they will remember all the funny stories to tell you the next day.

    Charene " Getting together with a girlfriend for Sushi, wine and the movie I Hate Valentines Day...enough said"

    3. Do what you want to do, it's your day!

    I think Erin said it best, it's awesome to be single. On Valentines Day if one of her friends wants to go out at 10pm, she can and has no one to answer to. " Identify the things you enjoy in life and capitalize on that " says Erin. A whole day all about you! Now you have two days a year all about you, your birthday and now "Singles Awareness Day"! Score

    4. Take the Valentines shift at work

    Shawna's advice for single women is if you work somewhere social (i.e restaurant/bar) take the Valentines Day shift. Not only are you able to socialize and not be alone, your customers are more likely to give you a little extra "love" tip wise. Seems like a perfect combo

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    Photo courtesy of Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

    Calling All The Single Men

    First off, asking men about Valentines Day, I may as well have been from a different planet. Blank stares, stink eyes and the scoff is what you get. Men's views of Valentines Day is different, some couldn't care less and some think they get the shaft. So here are some quick tips from men on what to do if your single on Valentines Day.

    1. Surround yourself with girls! 

    What a better idea when you are a single guy then to find as many of your single girlfriends as you can and go out! John says " That is the perfect way to feel confident on Valentines Day and maybe meet someone." Then you look like a total Stud Muffin!

    2. Make it a guys night out 

    The girls have their night out why not have yours? Billy says he'd get dressed up nice, grab a whole group of guys and go out. Of course trying to meet ladies in the process, he'd always still end up going home alone but it was fun and you never know who may be looking for someone on Valentines Day.

    Aaron also thinks the best idea is to grab your guy friends and find some single ladies !! He has put together the top five places to find singles in Missoula check it out here

    3. It's Valentines Day? I had no Idea 

    The classic advice of not even caring about the day one way or another is awesome! Scott says him and his friends didn't even blink when it came to Valentines Day and that it was just another day. Not only are you not worrying about not having a Valentine but you will come off as confident,mature and laid back to the ladies. So this could be the best, worse advice for being single on Valentines Day.


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