I had no idea what to expect when Savannah and I went to see 'Urine Town' yesterday for their matinee showing. With a name like 'Urine Town' you know there is some comedy involved which automatically made me excited to see the show. Another aspect that I really enjoyed is that my wife didn't know much about the musical either so we both walked into MCT, not knowing what to expect.

I will admit the show blew me away, it was funny from the very first minute, and it kept us entertained the entire time. I will admit I had never heard so many songs referencing going to the bathroom, but again it was hilarious. Every character added so much to the show, and as I was reading the cast list, there were so many talented cast members from Missoula! It was also interesting how many other shows were incorporated into this musical, you will have to see it for yourself to understand what I am saying.

This is another fantastic musical put on by MCT, and you better get your show tickets soon before you miss out on 'Urine Town'!

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