It was just before Christmas when I heard about three Boxer dogs that needed to be rescued from of Garrison, MT. I got tremendous news over the weekend from Chris Sperry who is the Vice President of the NorthWest Boxer Rescue.

Photo courtesy of Chris Sperry, NWBR

Today Tubby was the first of our Montana 3 to find a new home where she will never again be left out in the cold. Tubby came to us badly in need of veterinary care for several health issues, and she is entering her new life in great health. Michael had been following Tubby's story and fell in love instantly, even before he met her. She gets to have two kids of her very own to love, and Michael and the boys were excited to find out that they were taking Tubby to her furever home today! Tubby was so excited, she just couldn't stop wiggling.

As if that wasn't good enough, there was more good news.

Photo courtesy of Chris Sperry, NWBR

Such an emotional day for the Montana 3 girls! Today, Miss Sofie knew something was up when she was awakened bright and early this morning for a shower, a warm breakfast and a soft, clean sweater. Next she knew, her things were being packed away. Now she was confused, not sure what was happening -- where were her blanket and toys? But hey, she got to go to one of her favorite places, PetSmart! Oh, she was in heaven when she walked in and smelled those wonderful treats — and then she was told that her new mommy was coming to meet her there. Jana was already in love with Sofie, and Sofie soon warmed up to Jana’s soft hand on her head as Jana petted her, telling her how beautiful she is.

Adding to the surprise, a news team stopped by, having heard about the M3 girls and today being Sofie’s adoption day. They definitely wanted to meet this amazing girl and learn more about the trio. After Sofie had her spotlight moment, she walked out right next to her new mommy and headed home to her very own furever home.

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