The University of Montana Law School has earned its way to near the top of a very impressive list.

Whether it's athletics or academics, whenever we have a chance to applaud our school, we'll take it. And when you see some of the other names on this list, hopefully, you will be as impressed as we are.

UM News Service reports that National Jurist’s PreLaw Magazine ranked the University of Montana’s Alexander Blewett III School of Law No. 7 in the nation on its 2021 list of Best Value Law Schools.

The ranking uses a formula incorporating the rate of employment after graduation, bar passage rate, tuition costs, living expenses, and the average debt students accrue. It recognizes schools that graduate students who excel at passing the bar and landing jobs without taking on excessive debt.

With low tuition costs, UM’s law school brings legal education into reach for many students, helping them accumulate minimal debt while receiving a practical education, for which the school is known.

In 2020, UM law students had a first-time bar passage rate of 92%. Students also had strong job prospects after graduation, also ranking very high in that category.

One student's assessment praised the school for its affordability and smaller class sizes, but even more importantly, how its faculty engages with students, building professional, practical lawyers who will serve their communities well.

And the company Montana is keeping on that list? Take a look at the Top 15 and you will notice even more prominence with regard to the western part of the U.S.

1---Brigham Young University

2---University of Georgia

3---University of Alabama

4---University of Florida

5---University of Nebraska

6---University of Tennessee


8---University of Iowa

9---Georgia State University

10---Florida State University

11---University of North Carolina

12---University of Kentucky

13---University of Arkansas

14---University of Utah

15---University of Illinois

Well done, UM School of Law!

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