I was just thinking how crazy it was for any new business or organization that opened in the first couple of months in 2020. Man, they had no idea that the world was on the verge of being turned upside down with COVID-19. That's quite a first year to look back on. I guess it's one of those "it'll only make you stronger" scenarios.

The UM Food Pantry had actually celebrated their one-year anniversary last year just before we found ourselves battling a pandemic. And beginning Monday, they'll kickoff a week of celebrating a second one! Did you know the UM Food Pantry serves almost 400 households in Missoula County? 2020 was a busy year as they added 168 new customers and they now distribute over 1,000 pounds of food and products each month to individuals and families in need. I would say that's reason enough to have a weeklong celebration!

As we're all used to by now, the events will be held virtually because of COVID- as described by the following details from a press release:

"With the reality of COVID-19, the UM Food Pantry once again has partnered with Grizzly eSports to create a fun, virtual opportunity for engagement. Grizzly eSports will host live streaming events on the evenings of Tuesday through Friday, Feb 16-19, helping promote and raise funds for the UM Food Pantry. Games will include Rocket League, Overwatch, Minecraft and League of Legends. A full schedule of events can be found on the Grizzly eSports’ GrizHub page. To livestream the tournament, visit twitch.tv/grizzlyesportsum. Organizations that would like to sponsor a player or team should email cale.patenaude@mso.umt.edu."

The UM Food Pantry will also host a virtual reception on Thursday (2/18) from 6 to 7:30 PM. It will feature videos, games, prizes and more! If you're interested, you can get details on how to participate in the UM Food Pantry reception HERE.

You can make a donation to help support the UM Food Pantry by giving to their Anniversary Fundraising Campaign HERE between Feb. 16-19.

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