The Coyle family has meant a lot to the University of Montana Athletic Program over the years with Brock Coyle, the All American linebacker and five-year NFL player, and his sister Alexa, one of the top soccer players in Montana history and a current professional player in Europe.

Brock and Alexa Coyle are giving back to their alma mater with funds for a new 1,000 square foot recovery room, currently under construction between the Adams Center and the Champions Center.

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Associate Athletic Director for football, Eric Taber provided details to KGVO.

“This is really exciting,” began Taber. We've got Brock Coyle, a Montana Grizzly football legend and his sister Alexa Coyle which is just a neat deal. She was a Big Sky soccer player here at Montana as well. They are teaming up and they're donating a large chunk of cash to build a recovery room for all student athletes here at the university.”

Taber said sports medicine has come a long way since an ice pack and a little rest for an injured athlete.

“Sports medicine has changed so much since I was a high school football player,” he said. “You know, our trainers used to just say ‘put some ice on it and go rest up’, but anymore the technology has changed so much that they have some amazing pieces of equipment these days that can help the muscles in the body recover faster, get rid of lactic acid in the legs; massagers that really work out the kinks and the knots in your legs, that kind of thing, and this room is going to have all that stuff.”

Taber described the location of the new Recovery Room.

“It's going to be actually attached to the Adams Center and right next to the Champions Center,” he said. It’s going to be in the in the space that the old weight room vacated when the Champions Center was built. It’s in the same general area within the Adams Center right off the off the basketball arena.”

Taber said Brock and Alexa Coyle are putting the Montana Athletic Department out in front of the Big Sky Conference with ‘The Grizzly Athletics Coyle Recovery Room Powered by Hyperice’.

“This room is just state of the art,” he said. “It’s the neatest thing in the in the world and it'll be a first of its kind facility in the Big Sky Conference, and we couldn't do it without Brock and Alexa’s donation. It’s going to be a very cool thing.”

The Recovery Room will contain a 1,000 square foot recovery facility; 11 Dream Seat recliners with Griz branding; 11 Normatec 2.0 ProDynamic air compressor recovery systems; 12 Hypervolt Plus percussion massagers; four Venom heat and compression shoulder massagers; two Venom heat and compression back massagers; and two Venom heat and compression leg massagers.

Taber said the Coyle’s asked to keep the amount of their contribution confidential. No tuition or tax dollars are being used for the project.

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