We are quickly approaching one of the busiest weekends of the year travel-wise with Memorial Day just a few days away. In fact, AAA says 33 million people will be traveling during Memorial Day weekend. A new survey by Expedia reveals that 26% of people shout profanity at other drivers. Other findings:

- 17% of people make rude gestures towards other drivers

- 20% of people download apps while driving

- 13% of people have felt physically threatened by another driver

- 4% of people have gotten out of their vehicle to unleash their anger on another driver.

- 40% of people have stopped to help another motorist in need

So remember if you are driving this busy weekend, be safe. Obey all traffic laws and always be paying attention to the road. Lastly if anyone sends a rude gesture your way, smile and wave like you're their best friend. Violence never solves anything, just kill 'em with kindness.

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