Another one of our life-saving events took place out at Arlee High School where nearly the entire school attended our TXTING KILLS MONTANA presentation.

Texting has been proven to endanger drivers up to eight times more than alcohol. We would like to come to your school or business to present our ½ hour program that we hope will deeply and significantly change lives and better our community.

Following our brief presentation today we were so pleased to see that every student signed the "No Texting While Driving" pledge and sported one of those trendy TXTING KILLS thumb bands proudly as a reminder each time they reached for the phone when behind the wheel!

Here's some photos from today's event:

In an effort to educate ALL of Montana about distracted driving Townsquare Media is always eager to make partnerships with corporations, coalitions, and other community entities looking to make similar impacts. We believe in partnering with youth–A better future generation cannot be cultivated by any one group, but by an entire community effort. Contact to help us with our efforts TODAY!

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