While we keep on waiting - waaaaiting - waiting on the world to change, John Mayer is out here supporting Montana's class of 2020. On Thursday, several students from Park High School got on a Zoom call with other members of the Park County community to talk about being graduates in the age of Coronavirus, and what a strange time it's been for students finishing school.

And as the call went on, a familiar face arrived on the screen - singer-songwriter John Mayer, who lives in Livingston and was just jumping on as another member of the community. The students were totally surprised, and Mayer gave them advice on the call about what to take away from their unique situation, and listened to their concerns and their plans for what they're doing after high school. Mayer was on the call with them for almost an hour.

Since quarantine began, we've seen a lot of celebrities trying to help on a national level - organizing at-home benefits, posting videos online, reuniting casts of old TV shows to raise money, etc. And while all of that is great, it's also nice to see one reaching out on a local level, trying to give the kids some guidance in the face of an uncertain and unprecedented time.

So let's get more stuff like that going! Which Montana celebrity would you want to see jumping on a Zoom call and surprising people? My vote is Jeff Bridges, who is welcome to call me while I'm working at any time.

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