News out of Minnesota that a missing Idaho child was found safe late Sunday night is true, however, the missing child is not Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. of Lemhi County, who disappeared while camping with his family on July 10. Stearns County, Minnesotta Sheriff Robert Dickhaus says an Idaho child was found after a camper at Birch Lakes State Campground became suspicious.

"One of the campers out there had observed some suspicious activity of a fellow camper across the road," Dickhaus said. "The individual noted that the people camping across from them were acting suspicious in a manner that they would cover their vehicles during the day with tarps, an ATV was also covered up. They also had backpacks packed and seemed to carry the backpacks with them."

The missing child found was a 16-month-old girl named Oaklie Rose, not a 2 year old boy as reported by some media outlets. The good news is the child was found in good health other than some mosquito bites. The child’s birth father Joshua Oquando was arrested on charges of 2nd degree kidnapping.

"Joshua is the father of the child," Dickhaus said. "He felt the child wasn't properly cared for and wanted to remove the child from that situation. His intent to my knowledge was not to harm the child or do any kind of activities with her other than keep the child away from her birth mother."

Lemhi County Sheriff Len Bowerman was happy to hear that a missing child was found, but says it is definitely not the boy his deputies have been searching for over the past month. According to Bowerman, it is very unlikely that two-year old DeOrr Kunz was kidnapped.

"It's not my belief at this time that the child was abducted," Bowerman said. "The grandfather was watching the child momentarily, he looked away, when he looked back the child was missing. The grandfather was also camped right next to the only roadway in and out of this campground. It is not our belief at this time the child was abducted."

Bowerman says that searchers are still looking for signs of DeOrr Kunz and continue to search local bodies of water for the missing boy. So far, Bowerman says hundreds and hundreds of people have helped search for DeOrr with little evidence yet of what happened. At this point it is thought that the child may have been taken by a wild animal.


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