About two years ago, I moved out to Montana from New York, meaning I had to drive across the country in the span of a few days to start my new, glamorous job in the world of radio. I'd done road trips before, but this was definitely the longest - the whole thing took me a little over three days. And you'd think driving for that long would get tiring or boring... but man, I had a blast. Seeing the country, looking at the open road, blasting my music and catching up on podcasts, stopping by cool-looking restaurants whenever I got hungry - people really underestimate the value of a good drive.

And nobody knows about driving better than the people who do it for a living - Thrillist recently asked some long-haul truckers what they think are the most beautiful drives in the entire country, and the answers were varied and highlighted some very cool places - including two that were right here in Montana!

The first was "any westbound route between Montana and Idaho," which is 100% true. They called it "...the most peaceful 700 miles on the road, I think. Even if you’re driving through it, it feels like you’re out being a part of nature.”

After that was the drive from Bozeman to Big Sky, and it highlights the river, the mountains, the camping areas, and more. That's a trek I haven't done yet, but definitely have i on my list.

Do you agree with these choices? Think there's another Montana drive that should be considered among the best?

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