And so back and forth it goes, as U.S. landmarks, statues and more face increasing pressure to be removed or renamed if they are deemed offensive.

Montana has not been exempt from this. Several days ago we told you about a movement to have the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness renamed. Several days prior to that, it was two campgrounds in the Canyon Ferry Recreation Area that got a temporary duct tape coverup due to what could be interpreted as offensive or insensitive names.

That decision is now being walked back. The Helena Independent Record tells us that the federal Bureau of Reclamation plans to retain the names of two Montana campgrounds that were going to be changed over concerns they could be offensive. The Independent Record reports the bureau reversed itself with an announcement yesterday (Wednesday) that there will be no name change to Chinamen’s Campground and Confederate Campground in the Canyon Ferry Recreation Area. A regional director with the Bureau said the decision was based on local feedback. The agency used duct tape to cover the campground names on roadside signs last week, saying the names would temporarily change to Campground 1 and Campground 2, as the agency worked to confirm new and what would be considered more appropriate names. Chinamen's Campground was renamed Campground 1, Confederate renamed Campground 2.


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