Just before midnight Monday, Missoula Police were called to the report of an armed robbery off of Craig Lane. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Two males reported being approached by another male armed with a handgun, who demanded their property that they were carrying at the time and got into a vehicle and drove away, this occurred in the 600 block of Craig Lane. The vehicle that he got into was described as a red four door sedan, possibly a Honda, with tinted windows."

Police searched for about three hours, when a report came in from Missoula County Deputies of an arrest of a suspect in a similar car with a gun and similar description to the robber.

"Missoula county deputies made a stop on a vehicle near the intersection of South Higgins and Fifth street, that matched the description given for the earlier robbery. That suspect was identified as 18-year-old Henry Porter, he also had a female passenger with him and through the investigation at that stop it was discovered that Mr. Porter was related to the earlier robbery."

Police are investigating the background on both the gun and the vehicle used in the case. The woman in the vehicle is not facing any charges at this point, but Henry Porter is facing four charges including felony robbery, a misdemeanor charge of theft, carrying a concealed weapon, and driving without liability insurance.

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