The Missoula Police department announced on Friday afternoon that two officers have tested positive for COVID 19.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh confirmed the report on Friday afternoon.

“We did just announce today that two officers with the Missoula Police Department have tested positive for COVID-19,” said Detective Sergeant Welsh. “It's unfortunate but we're out in it every day we and we are considered essential, and I hate to say it was inevitable, but it's unfortunate. Certainly, we are taking steps to mitigate that as much as possible right now.”

Welsh confirmed that both officers are male and have been working closely.

“They are both patrol officers and as it happens, they were both working in the same car recently as one as a trainee and one is a field training officer,” he said. “They were put in quarantine immediately and their peers on their squad or team are also being tested.”

Welsh said steps have been taken to thoroughly clean all police facilities.

“So far we have not had another positive test but we are of course doing cleaning at both our facilities both at the Catlin Street station and our main office here at city hall,” he said.  “That has been completed not once but twice, and at this point we are working closely with the staff of the City County Health Department to make sure that our officers are safe and the public is as well.”

Health Department officials are currently conducting contact tracing with the two officers.



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