Have you heard the story about treasure seekers descending on the Rocky Mountains looking for the Fenn Treasure? The story went that Forrest Fenn, a rich former Air Force Pilot and antiques dealer, had hidden a $1 million treasure back in 2010 somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Some believed the story, some believed it enough to actually go hunt for it, and others thought it was a joke. Well, it turns out that Forrest Fenn really did hide the money, and he told the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper this weekend that someone found it.

The paper quotes Fenn as saying, "The guy who found it does not want his name mentioned. He’s from back East," Fenn said, adding that it was confirmed from a photograph the man sent him.

Fenn believes over 300,000 people have searched for the hidden treasure over the past decade, and some even gave their lives to find it.

Many have looked for it here in Montana. And since they are not saying where it was found, who knows, maybe it was discovered right here in the Treasure State. Sure would be fitting, wouldn't it?

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