The Turkey Trot fundraising for Bitterroot Valley food banks moves to Stevensville and Darby Monday, November 25. Dominic Farrenkopf, Community Life Director at Sapphire Lutheran Homes in Hamilton, will don his turkey suit for a memorable sight in Stevensville Monday morning and in Darby Monday afternoon. He'll be at the Darby Exit Realty office from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. for people who'd like to take photos with the man-sized turkey.

The annual Turkey Trot raises hundreds of dollars for three food banks - Haven House in Hamilton (the Trot brought in over $600 last Monday), the Darby Bread Box and Stevensville's Pantry Partners. Dominic will be carrying a cornucopia and you are invited to stuff some money into it as he goes through the towns.

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