Since we all live in Montana, most of us drive our own vehicles instead of using public transit. It could be because we live a good ways out of town, or because we don’t enjoy riding bikes in Montana’s long winter months. No matter what you drive, or the reason you drive it, vehicle ownership comes with getting yourself into some sticky situations.

What if there was something you could purchase for your car that would aid you in getting out of these messy mishaps. What if this thing could help you get out of a speeding ticket? What if it could help protect your car from being stolen? How about if it could keep you from getting beat up by motorists with road rage?

Would you purchase this device if it could keep your daughter’s boyfriend a safe distance away from her on a date? Or if it could deliver your wife’s baby on the way to the hospital, if need be? Would it be worth the cost?

What if I told you that one special device can do all these things and more? What if I told you that this gadget was portable and fit in your trunk? Yes, no matter where you go, this little helper can go with you. All you need to keep you and your car safe is a trunk monkey.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.