Missoula's non-profit community radio station, KFGM, at 105.5 FM, is moving out of the historic Labor Temple, aka, the Union Club building on East Main downtown, into the spacious new Missoula Public Library.

If you're not familiar, KFGM launched in 2017 as a low-frequency, not-for-profit, community access radio station serving as a platform for community members to use their airwaves for good. Their website explains:

Missoula Community Radio creates a medium for all community members
to enrich and engage their community directly and freely
by producing educational, socially just, culturally aware, and entertaining radio programming.

So it's like MCAT for radio instead of TV. Their programming ranges from conversations about community activism to blocks of music chosen by community DJs. KFGM has been housed in the Union Club building since its inception, I visited once, it's a little room with an on-air console, cart deck, and CD players. But that's about to change as Missoula Community Radio's Board of Directors has voted unanimously to partner with MCAT for a move into the beautiful new Missoula Public Library.

According to a November post on Facebook, KFGM will have office space and studio space at the library, which will allow them to bring in better equipment and utilize the MCAT staff as well as the library's resources. DJs and presenters will also have more space and resources to create content and advance their knowledge of broadcasting.

The move is also very exciting because the library uses green energy, which will help KFGM lessen its carbon footprint, which is very important to them. I feel like this will also bring awareness to the fact that the radio station exists, through exposure to all who visit the library. KFGM does some incredible work for very worthy and important causes, not only locally, but globally. Check out their station at 105.5 FM (not to be mistaken with Alternative Missoula, Alt 101.5) and keep an eye out for them at the Missoula Public Library!

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