Reader's Digest produced an article highlighting "The Most Difficult Town To Pronounce In Every State." Montana has several viable options to top the list as illustrated by my colleague Chris Wolfe in the article below.

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That article stemmed from a 24/7 Wall Street publication that listed several options such as our state capital, Havre, Pablo and Lindisfarne. You could toss Wibaux or Ronan (I pronounced it Ronin - like the samurai) too. Reader's Digest decided to crown a winner for the toughest town to pronounce instead of simply listing towns.

Congratulations, Ekalaka

The county seat of Carter County was deemed the biggest tongue twister in the state. You better pronounce it EE-ka-LAH-kah or the 350 Ekalakians will put you on blast. Reader's Digest also calls it one of the strangest towns in Montana and one of "America's nicest small towns." They're giving Ekalaka all sorts of love.

I think it's an apt selection. If you read Ekalaka for the first time there's a good chance you'd butcher it.

Fellow Montanans, do you agree? Is there a tougher town like Havre, Pablo, Wibaux or Great Falls?

Other State's Toughest Pronounced Towns

Idaho's toughest was the beautiful Coeur D'Alene. If you've never heard of Coeur D'Alene and read it for the first time it would be uber challenging to nail on the first try. Washington's honor goes to Puyallup, Wyoming presented Kemmerer (I have no clue where that is), North Dakota's was Palermo (PAL-er-mo) and South Dakota's was Pukwana (Puck-WAH-na).

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