A new survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 70% of office workers have witnessed childish behavior in the workplace. Other findings from workers who have witnessed childish behaviors in the work place are

top childish behaviors

Whine: 55%

Pout over something that didn't go his/her way: 46%

Tattle on another co-worker: 44%

Play a prank on another co-worker: 36%

Make a face behind someone's back: 35%

Form a clique: 32%

Start a rumor about a co-worker: 30%

Storm out of the room: 29%

Throw a tantrum: 27%

Refuse to share resources with others: 23%

This behavior just makes me realize that I am a valuable employee who needs to ask for a raise for dealing with whiners. HAHAHA, I really do love my work family!

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