We have all been there, it's late at night and you want something that tastes good and you don't want to cook. That's why I came up with the top food destinations for midnight munchies in Missoula! If you have any places to add to the list, please let me know!


  • 1

    Mo Club

    Get a burger...enough said!
  • 2

    Oxford Saloon

    JJ's Special, or anything with JJ's Gravy!
  • 3

    Downtown Food trucks

    The variety and food quality is fantastic!
  • 4

    Thomas Meagher Bar

    Bring on the Cheese Curds!
  • 5

    Woodfire Pizza at Sunrise Saloon

    The Grizzly BC is yummy!
  • 6


    Moons Over My Hammy, yes please!
  • 7

    Pita Pit

    I love the Dagwood Pita!
  • 8

    Taco Bell

    Nachos Bel Grande is always good!

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