Straight up the month of August was one of the weirdest months for criminal activity I've ever witnessed! I mean what is goin' on with all the crazies in Missoula?! Other than meth, obviously...

Now keep in mind that this list is only the Top 10. Our sister stations and our news station, KGVO, must have reported on like 20 more in addition to the ones on this list!

Like I said, August was a WEIRD month...

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    The 2 Psychos Who Were Decomposing Bodies In Their Basement

    Of course this story came in at #1 because it sounds like the plot line of a Criminal Minds episode. Long story short, 23 year-old Tiffany Pierce and 25 year-old Augustus Standingrock were involved in a double homicide and then tried to decompose the bodies in vats of chemicals in their basement. Both of these psychos are being held on $2 million bail a piece! To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    Mr. Catfish

    Okay so I don't know for sure if 30 year-old William White was technically catfishing his 14 year-old 'fiance' in Evaro, Montana. But what I do know is that he started a GoFundMe page to raise money so that he could visit her! From the responses on our Facebook page, it's a good thing the police got to him before the Montanans did... To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    The Druggy Sex Trafficker

    Ugh I really want to Spartan kick this guy into a deep dark hell pit! Walter Hill originally had a 10 year sentence but somehow got all ten years suspended and was released back out to the public. It didn't take long for him to get arrested (at the Missoula Fair) and convicted of prostituting a 17 year-old and having meth on his person at the time of his arrest. To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    The Chick Who Called 911 To Complain About Bad Meth

    And this ladies and gentleman is just another reason why ya should NEVER do meth. It makes you stupid. So stupid in fact that you'll call 911 to complain about your bad meth and when the responding officer shows up, you'll not only tell him where your extra meth stash is hidden (in your bra #duh) you'll present it to him like a Christmas turkey... At least that's what this chick did! To check out the full story, click HERE!

  • Justin Wieder
    Justin Wieder

    The Re-Released Child Predator

    Obviously this story is a little backwards because this psycho got LET OUT of jail instead of put in. But I feel like everyone should know that 19 year-old Justin Wieder was released back into the custody of his father... again! Justin has plead guilty to having sexual relationships with underage girls and has been charged with numerous sex crimes. Be very aware of this guy! To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    The 3 Wicked Transients

    I know not all transients are bad, but there are enough stories like this one that will forever deter me from stopping to lend a helping hand. Peter Christian from KGVO reported that three transients were charged with aggravated assault after allegedly beating a Missoula bicyclist so severely that he required hospitalization. To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    The Bad Bonner Dad

    You should always be able to count on your dad to love you and take care of you NOT abuse you and sexually assault you! A 30 year-old western Montana man was arrested on felony charges of incest, endangering the welfare of a child and two misdemeanor charges of partner or family member assault! To check out the full story, click HERE!

  • Bayford

    The Guy Who Couldn't Handle Testy Fest 2017

    Obviously Testy Fest is one of the craziest parties of the entire year. But most people make it through, only doing damage to themselves and their self esteem, or what's left of it. 42 year-old James Bayford was not one of those people. He was arrested and charged with two counts of negligent homicide after allegedly causing a fatal crash on I-90. Six other passengers were injured and Bayford has since entered not guilty pleas to the charges. To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    Oh Pamela...

    Pamella Anderson (yes that's actually her name) is no stranger to driving under the influence and getting arrested. Earlier this month an officer saw her driving a vehicle that she almost slammed into a parked car and then pulled up onto and then off of a curb. Pamella has been arrested and charged SEVEN DIFFERENT TIMES with DUIs. To check out the full story, click HERE!

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    The Guy With Performance Issues

    Don't you hate it when your gun misfires or you keep shooting blanks?? 37 year-old Jamison Richmond struggles with it too... In all seriousness though, I am so glad no one was seriously injured by this guy! Especially his estranged wife who he almost shot at point blank range, but his gun misfired. He was arrested on August 11th after a foot pursuit with Missoula County Sheriff's deputies. The deputies were there serving a warrant. To check out the full story, click HERE!

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