Somebody needs to fill me in on the toilet paper shortage around town. Is it still a thing? I went a good three weeks seeing nothing but empty shelves in stores but I haven't been to a grocery store in a while. My last few trips for groceries have been for curbside pick up. Has toilet paper started to return to stores or is the great TP craze still in full effect?

Regardless of where toilet paper supply stands, this might have to be the novelty gift of the year.

Look at those cute little guys! I might need to get a few and give them out as for Christmas this year.

An Austrian company is making the toilet paper snow globes. Right now they're working extra hours to cover demand but can only make 20 of the mini toilet paper rolls per hour with their 3-D printers. They're hoping to switch to injection molding so they can ramp up production.

And talk about pride in the product, the company paints every snow globe they do by hand.

Check out a quick video on the toilet paper snow globes in the post below.

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