So you’ve read our Ronnie Dunn driving tips and finally arrived after the shuttle ride or scenic drive. Don’t overlook or under-plan key details for enjoying your outdoor concert. Review these tips for ensuring a fun and safe time!

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    Have A Plan For Arrival and Departure

    Since the shuttles leave at 3 pm at the Kmart parking lots and the last one returns to Missoula at 1 AM, it’s a good idea to take the shuttle with a group and return with that same group. For driving, consider carpooling with a group as well and be sure to select a designated driver.

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    Have A Plan For AFTER the Concert

    All cabins near the Lumberjack Saloon are booked, but there is still space for tent camping, camp trailers and RVs. We have been up there all week and can tell you there are already 100+ campers set-up and ready to party! The best part is you are only charged for the Friday and Saturday.

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    Know Who You Are

    There are lots of different types of people that attend concerts. Some are there because they love good music, some use the concert as a way to celebrate music with their friends, while some use it as an excuse to get hammered and let off some steam. When these motivations clash there can be sparks. The key to enjoying a great concert is knowing who you are. It's all fun and games when Johnny is neck deep in Coors Light and doesn't have a care in the world, until the liquid courage kicks in and he takes a swipe at someone. If you are there to enjoy good music and the incredible scenery, stay towards the back. You can still see the show and hear just fine (you not interested in the mosh pit anyway)

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    Bug Spray and Blankets

    At outside concerts, mosquitoes inundate the bright lights and it can get chilly, so don’t forget to bring bug spray and blankets for optimum comfort. If you are going to be there early, bring some sunscreen. The forecast is mid 70's which can get hot when you are out there for a long time.

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    Have an Exit Strategy

    Whether you beat the crowd by leaving a few songs early, join the rush as soon as the concert ends, or wait 20 minutes to avoid the traffic altogether, plan ahead, in case you get separated from your group and make sure that a designated driver is a part of that group unless you’re camping nearby.