There’s really only one route to get to the Lumberjack, and there are three signs and two roads leading to it, so it’s easy to find. On the 30-minute drive, there’s also a lot to see, from historical to scenic to savory. Here is our tips to guide you to not only a fun concert, but to a fun drive there!

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    From Missoula Highway 93 South To Hayloft Saloon.

    From Brooks Street in Missoula, onto Highway 93 South. As your window view changes from businesses to trees, speed up for the next 10 miles until you reach Lolo, Montana. South of Missoula, on the junction of 93 South and Highway 12, you could stop for Chester Fried Chicken or BBQ ribs at the Hayloft Saloon and Deli.

    Linda Thompson
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    Highway 12 and Lolo Creek Steakhouse:

    When you turn right on Highway 12, you’ll pass a local secret treasure in the Lolo Creek Steakhouse. If you are looking for the best steaks in just passed it. A few miles up the road you’ll pass the Traveler’s Rest gas station the last gas station for 100+ miles.

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    Fort Fizzle

    As mountains and pine trees surround you and the road becomes increasingly winding, you’ll pass the historic spot Fort Fizzle. A great spot for picnics, rest, or education on Montana history, Fort Fizzle, is a wooden barricade on the Lolo Trail erected by Missoula volunteers led by Captain Rawn to stop the advance of Chief Joseph during the Nez Perce war. A path from the picnic area also leads to the nearby Lolo Creek.

    Nicholas K. Geranios
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    Woodman School

    9 miles past the Travelers Rest and a few past Fort Fizzle, you'll spot the stark white Woodman School. A small, rural school that now educates 50 students, the Woodman School started in 1892, with a one-room classroom. The school emphasizes outdoor activity and features frequent outings to the Lolo National Forest and nearby ranch areas.

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    Grave’s Creek Road Leads to The Lumberjack

    10 miles past Woodman School, you will come to Grave’s Creek Road. First, you’ll see a sign before, and then you'll see a sign ON the correct road Graves Creek road announcing the Lumberjack. Even if you miss all those, there's a sign after the road inform you that you passed the Lumberjack. 1 mile up Graves Creek Road leads you to the historic Lumberjack Saloon.