Winter is here and during this time stress and accidents can mount. It is ever so important this time of year to remain vigilant and on top of things when you are on the road this winter. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind for all of our safety and yours this winter season.

  1.  The size of your rig does not make you invisible. Yes there are better rigs out there, yes bigger rigs are better in the now.. no that does not translate to invisible. A big rig or truck can wreck just as easily.
  2. Get your car serviced. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road due to car trouble in this stuff!
  3. Try to keep your hands seriously free. We often get distracted by many things, and during the winter months safe driving without distraction is serious business.
  4. Don't stop going up a hill, but also don't floor it. There is an easy medium getting up an icy hill when driving in winter and sliding around and down can cause all sorts of issues you want to avoid.
  5. Watch road reports. You would be surprised how in the zone we get at home and sometimes in our own world and don't realize what is going on outdoors and then there is emergency travel or areas closed. Know the road report.

    Winter Fly Fishing

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