I saw this as I was scrolling through Facebook last week.  It looks like it was made for a high school project back in the day.  There's a lot of posted comments that seem to fill in some of the missing information about its creation.

It'll take you on an emotional journey through the sights of Missoula's past as it fills your brain with knowledge of the city.  Err.....or something like that.

But we have to give credit where it's due - that's some pretty decent video work and editing for being a bit of an aged video.

Check out the classic rap masterpiece.  In fact, here's three reason's to give it a view.
1) a chuckle as you listen to the low budget recording
2) a brief history lesson of UM and other spots in town
3) a look at how Missoula has changed since some of the footage was shot

I think my favorite comment on the video's Facebook page is the one where Chris wants a sequel.  Hahah.  We all do, Chris.  We all do.

You know you'll be singing that chorus in your head for the next few days.


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