Do you like rap? Do you like to learn? Well gather round kiddos, as we got a rap that is not only packed with sick rhymes, but is also a great history lesson about Missoula.

For example, according to Wikipedia

Missoula never "boomed" as many western Montana towns did as a consequence of the gold rush, though the town did grow rapidly, and by 1872 the town had 66 new buildings. Higgins and Worden established the town's first stores and banks, but by 1876 the pair faced its largest competition and rivalry from Eddy, Hammond and company, who established the Missoula Mercantile Company. 

How about some other things you may not have known?

Do you know how the Wilma got it's name?

What year was City Hall built?

Why do they call it "Hellgate Canyon?"

I cannot tell you how many test questions I answered correctly in school, thanks to a song from "Schoolhouse Rocks." Or even a skit from a Nickelodean show. I distictly remember passing a spelling test in 1st grade, thanks to the "T-U-R-T-L-E POWER" song off of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie soundtrack.

Things are just much easier to remember when you put them to song.

You about to learn just about everything you need to know about the Garden City, thanks to the following video.

According to MCAT

Gary Stein's class out of Sentinel High School made this with some of his students.

You Know You Grew Up in Missoula If You...



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