You always hate to see stories like this. There's nothing worse than people damaging things for no reason and leaving the cost of cleanup or repairs for the innocent victims. We told you last week about the warning from Missoula police where a rash of cars were having their catalytic converters stolen and sold for the precious metals they contain. The latest bit of disheartening news in Missoula comes from Fort Missoula Regional Park where vandals have damaged some of the soccer fields.

Pointless crimes are frustrating - but it's even worse when it happens at a public place and it affects the entire community. It just makes me shake my head when I see things that are destroyed for no reason - or when noticing a building that's been tagged with paint. The Missoula Police Department shared some pictures from the damage that was left behind when some individuals decided to take their vehicles onto the Fort Missoula soccer fields for some off-road fun.

With the snow and wet conditions on the fields it doesn't take much to tear up the grass. And because somebody wanted to have a few minutes of fun - it sounds like some of the fields won't be able to be used in the spring. A post to Facebook noted that there were thousands of dollars in damage to the fields and that the suspects are being sought by police

If you have any info about what happened - you're asked to contact the Missoula Police Department at (406) 552-6300.

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