The University of Montana will graduate 3,114 students in the class of 2016. Those students will be taking home 3,447 degrees among them.

NBC Montana reports with commencement starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, parking in the area is expected to be limited.

"I have friends that have family coming in from Oregon," said UM student Mary Butowicz.

"I have family coming from all across Montana," said soon-to-be graduate Shane St. Onge.

"We recommend people get here early," said Peggy Kuhr, the vice president of integrated communications for the university. "Another important thing is to use Dornblaser park and ride, or the (park and ride) by Lewis and Clark Village. That would help with parking limits."

U-Dash will begin operation at 7:25 a.m. in five-minute intervals.

Kuhr says those who can are encouraged to bike or walk.

For those coming from a distance, all parking lots on campus are open but are expected to go quick.

"Think it through and plan ahead; it will take a little longer than you expect," said Kuhr.

The university is encouraging overflow from campus parking to park in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Click here to read more about UM's commencement plans.

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